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Welcome, Brian – our newest rider volunteer!Brian has spent his first two years of retirement touring on his motorcycle but when Covid-19 hit, his plans for the year were cancelled. Instead of just idly sitting at home, Brian contacted us to see if he could be of help in the fight against coronavirus. Our training team has been busy running virtual inductions and 1:1 socially distant familiarisation rides for prospective volunteers. Brian has just signed up for his first night shift upon completion of his induction.After undergoing a virtual group training session to learn about the charity and its operations, he needed to complete an assessment ride under the watchful eye of Jay, and a familiarisation run with Chris.”I met Jay for a Rider Assessment, taking in the damp boulevards of South London and visiting the key Central London hospitals. Jay imparted his observations concisely at each stop and after a cup of coffee and a debrief, I was cleared for take-off, well the Familiarisation Run at least.As I rode up to the SERV Headquarters and met Chris for the Familiarisation Run, it started raining, which continued for half of the run. After receiving the hi-viz jacket, blood sign, blood box cover and the all-important delivery book, we set course for the blood bank. We visited some of the Surrey hospitals with Chris showing me the access points and parking locations. Again, after a debrief and some wise advice, I just had to wait for my ID card to arrive in the post.I am in awe of the professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm that members across the charity make and I feel very privileged to be given this opportunity.”We are very privileged to have you with us, Brian! Welcome to the team. Hopefully we will all be able to meet you in person in the not too distant future.

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